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Feb. 16th, 2008

cat slap
 Late b-day wishes to you ally. :)

Oct. 19th, 2007

cat slap

Ok, let me just say again that sounding the sirens for severe thunderstorms is NOT cool: especially when there is an actual tornado warning directly south.  I do NOT need to know that it’s raining really hard.  I can see the rain, I can hear the rain, the rain does not concern me.  What I need to know is whether or not a fucking tornado is on the fucking ground and is about ready to whirl my fucking ass into the air.  Ok, and the fact that the news people have to constantly explain that there is no tornado, only a thunderstorm, should really tell you that this is a really fucking bad system.  Cincinnati: go to hell you fucked up, weird city.



"And if I should ever die, god forbid, I hope you will say, 'Kurt is up in heaven now.'  That’s my favorite joke."

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Dec. 7th, 2006

I can't wait to move back out west. Oregon. Idaho. Washington. I'll take whatever, as long as it's not here.

Dead trees are normally quite pretty--especially when they have frost on them--but only when there is some contrast. Here, the only things not decayed and depressing were the trees. Now the trees are leafless and I can clearly see just how damn ugly this whole city really is. I want out of here.

skulk, skulk, skulk, skulk

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On a happier note: the dictionary word of the day (yesterday) was "skulk," which is quite possibly one of the most fun words to say. Visceral is still up there, but skulk is pretty close. It’s just too bad that it’s often hard to work the word "skulk" into conversation. Ally can use it more because she has stalkers. I only have cats, and they see little need to skulk because they pretty much run the house, but I can still tell them they're skulking because they really don't know the difference.

Dec. 5th, 2006

What’s wrong with people who try to strike up conversations in the bathroom? Ok, I don’t really enjoy socializing with people period, but if I had to pick a time when I liked it the least, I’d have to say I like it the least while I’m taking a massive dump. And when I hear ppfffftttt and then splash splash coming from the stall next to me, my first thought isn’t, “Hey, I should ask them how they’re doing, and then carry on a lengthy conversation about classes.”

fuckin' a

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I'm totally writing a response to this, and not only because I'm avoiding the paper which is due Friday (which I am. No, seriously, if I gave you a copy of my syllabi, then you would see that I only start posting on here when things are due) but because this type of shit seriously pisses me off.

awwws *loves her a cody*


Today Cody gave me a rose and took me out to dinner. I thought it was just random sweetness, but he reminded me that Nov. 1 is the anniversry of our first date. You know, I can’t help but feel like I’m the one who should remember that shit, but oh well.

Yes, I'm being a total post whore

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You know what I love most about this time of year? The leaves turning? The smell of all those leaves decaying, which is somehow sweet and sharp? How the weather is perfect: not too cold, not too hot? Halloween (yes, my favorite holiday by far)?

All those things are wonderful, but I’m really most excited about hot chocolate, which is now good again. Ummmm, hot chocolate with marshmallows and with a hint of vanilla.

Oct. 9th, 2006

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I thought I would post less after I went into the program, but I think I’m actually posting more. Hmmmm. The things I’ll do to avoid writing my papers, like make small posts that really don’t say anything but keep me from writing my paper for about five minutes.

Speaking of pointless posts that take up five mintues of my time:

After listening to “White and Nerdy,” I had to listen to “Ridin’” by Chamillionaire. I’m kind of confused by the thesis of the song, which seems to be that the cops are racists and are only pulling him over because he’s black. Yet he talks about how he has warrants in all cities except for Huston. Maybe when “they checkin’ his tags” they seein’ that he has all these warrants and that’s why they be pullin’ him over. The first verse even says that his windows are tinted, so it’s hard to see inside! And then he talks about driving drunk with his revolver next to him. Maybe I’m just white, but I can’t help but think that the whole driving drunk with a gun thing and the whole having warrants in every city except for Huston thing might be contributing to his being pulled over by the cops.